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  1. Accessing the Student View

  2. Account Information

  3. Account Video Tutorials

  4. Add Custom Fonts

  5. Add/Remove School Year

  6. Adding and Removing Teachers/The Teachers Page

  7. Adding Events

  8. Adding Extra Lessons

  9. Adding Lessons

  10. Adding School Events

  11. Adjust Autosave Time

  12. Adjusting Account Privileges

  13. Adjusting Class Schedules starting on a specific date

  14. Adjusting Lessons

  15. Administrator Reset Password/Email

  16. Administrator Video Tutorials

  17. Android App

  18. Applying and Selecting Standards

  19. Assessments

  20. Assignments

  21. Attendance Tracking

  22. Basics Video Tutorials

  23. Can I create links for individual/specific classes?

  24. Change Email/Password

  25. Change Name/School Information

  26. Change or Reset Cycle Day/Week

  27. Class Seating and Room Layouts

  28. Comments (Administrator)

  29. Connect Account to Google Calendar and Classroom

  30. Connect to Google

  31. Coping/Linking Units from Other Teachers

  32. Copying and Linking Video Tutorials

  33. Copying Classes

  34. Copying Lessons into Lesson Banks

  35. Copying Plans/Years between Teachers

  36. Copying Students

  37. Copying Units Into a Bank

  38. Copying/Linking Lessons from Others

  39. Copying/Linking Lessons in your Account

  40. Copying/Linking Units in Your Account

  41. Creating an Account from an Administrator Invite

  42. Creating, Importing, and Assigning Student Accounts

  43. Customizing School Lesson Layouts

  44. Customizing Your Tabs/Sections

  45. Display Name Menu

  46. Display Settings

  47. District/Multi-School Purchase

  48. Download or print a copy of receipt

  49. Embed student view in teacher website

  50. Error Message

  51. Events

  52. Features Video Tutorials

  53. Generate Student Join Codes

  54. Get Free Months

  55. Google Classroom Items and Grades

  56. Grades

  57. Grades (Administrator)

  58. Grades and Performance Reports

  59. Horizontal Plans View

  60. How do I completely remove a class from a specific day?

  61. How do I connect or merge my account to my school?

  62. How do I email my plans to someone?

  63. How do I end a class early or adjust the end date of a class?

  64. How do I enlarge the editor box?

  65. How do I merge two lessons?

  66. How do I remove a 'No School" event?

  67. How do I request additional standards for

  68. How do I schedule a snow day?

  69. How do I set times for my classes or sort my classes by time?

  70. How do I share and edit the same class/use Replica with other teachers?

  71. How do I view plans that have been shared with me by another teacher?

  72. How to adjust the font for lessons?

  73. How to Cancel Personal Subscription

  74. How to change class times for a class that has already started?

  75. How to customize a Single Event in a Series of Events

  76. How to Delete a Class?

  77. How to delete or unlink multiple lessons at a time

  78. How to reset account password

  79. How to show School Day Counter

  80. How to Undo/Remove "No Class Day"

  81. How to use activate Full Screen mode/use Browser Print

  82. I adjusted my class/year dates/times and all of my lessons are gone. What happened?

  83. I am encountering printing issues. Why?

  84. I am having importing/copying difficulties. Why?

  85. I am importing from another teacher, but the copied plans are missing information. What is happening?

  86. I am leaving my school. Can I keep my plans?

  87. I didn't get my sign up email when my school purchased Planbook for me, what do I do?

  88. I entered times for my classes, but the times aren't displaying. Why?

  89. If my school signs up, will I lose my plans or will my plans be deleted?

  90. If my subscription expires, will I lose my plans?

  91. Insert a Picture Into a Lesson

  92. Insert Link in Lesson

  93. Insert Video into a Lesson

  94. iOS App

  95. Lesson Bank - Lessons

  96. Lesson Bank - Units

  97. Lesson Banks (Administrator)

  98. Lesson Status

  99. Link to view plans/Sharing Link

  100. My Files

  101. My List

  102. My school signed me up under a different email, how can I merge/connect my existing accounts?

  103. My Strategies

  104. Navigating Your Plans

  105. Navigating your Student Account

  106. Notes and To Do Items

  107. Print

  108. Print Grades page

  109. Purchase a Gift Subscription

  110. Receive a Gift Subscription

  111. Renew/Purchase Personal Subscription

  112. Renewal/Purchase Issues/Errors

  113. Renewing School Account

  114. Saving/Printing/Sending/Download Lessons

  115. School List

  116. School Profile

  117. School Purchase

  118. School Year

  119. School Year Grading Periods (Administrator)

  120. School Year Letter Grades/Grading Scales (Administrator)

  121. School Years (Administrator)

  122. Search

  123. Session Settings

  124. Set up Alternate Schedule days

  125. Setting Up Cycle/Rotation

  126. Setting Up Your Classes - List View

  127. Setting Up Your Classes - Schedule View

  128. Setting Up Your Sharing Options: Collaborate - All Teachers

  129. Setting Up Your Sharing Options: Collaborate - Individual Teachers

  130. Setting Up Your Sharing Options: View - Students/Substitutes

  131. Sharing Options

  132. Sharing Options (Administrator)

  133. Sharing Video Tutorials

  134. Standards Reporting

  135. Standards Reporting (Administrator)

  136. Student Announcements

  137. Student Proximity Reports

  138. Student Proximity Reports

  139. Student View

  140. Students (Administrator)

  141. Students Video Tutorials

  142. Templates

  143. Templates (Administrator)

  144. The Copy Screen

  145. The Go To Menu

  146. The View Menu

  147. Units

  148. Video Tutorials - Account

  149. Video Tutorials - Administrator

  150. Video Tutorials - Basics

  151. Video Tutorials - Copying/Linking

  152. Video Tutorials - Features

  153. Video Tutorials - Sharing

  154. Video Tutorials - Students

  155. What is the "Student View Key"?

  156. Why aren't my Grades/Assignments/Assessments displaying on the "Grades" page?

  157. Why can't I add/create a new year?

  158. Why can't I view my previous year's plans?

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