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  1. Account Settings

  2. Add a New School Year

  3. Add Custom Fonts

  4. Add Custom Standards Using My List

  5. Add or Remove School Year

  6. Add or Remove Teachers

  7. Adding Students

  8. Adjust Autosave Time

  9. Adjusting Lessons with the Lesson Actions Menu

  10. Administrator Copying Plans/Years between Teachers

  11. Alternate Day Schedule

  12. Applying and Selecting Standards

  13. Change Email or Password

  14. Change School Information

  15. Classes

  16. Connect to Google

  17. Copying Classes

  18. Copying Lessons

  19. Copying Lessons from a Bank into a Class

  20. Copying Lessons from Others

  21. Copying Lessons in your Account

  22. Copying Lessons into a Bank

  23. Copying Units into a Bank

  24. Copying/Linking Units in Your Account

  25. Creating an Account from an Administrator Invite

  26. Customizing School Lesson Layouts

  27. Cycle Schedules

  28. Display Settings

  29. Edit Schedule tutorial

  30. Editing Classes

  31. Embed student view in teacher website

  32. Error Message

  33. Events

  34. Getting Started Administrators

  35. Getting Started Teachers

  36. How do I connect or merge my account to my school?

  37. How do I end a class early or adjust the end date of a class?

  38. How to Cancel Personal Subscription

  39. How to change class times for a class that has already started?

  40. How to Delete a Class

  41. How to delete or unlink multiple lessons at a time

  42. How to share a class - Copy/Link

  43. How to share a class - Replica

  44. I am encountering printing issues. Why?

  45. I am leaving my school. Can I keep my plans?

  46. Importing All Lessons from a Previous School Year

  47. Lesson Banks (Administrator)

  48. Lesson Banks (Teacher)

  49. Lesson Layouts

  50. Link to view plans/Sharing Link

  51. Refresh Browser

  52. Renewal/Purchase Issues/Errors

  53. Renewing School Account

  54. Saving/Printing/Sending/Download Lessons

  55. Scheduling Classes (Schedule View)

  56. School Profile

  57. School Years (Administrator)

  58. Send To/ Export/Print

  59. Session Settings

  60. Sharing Options & Permissions

  61. Signing into a Student Account

  62. Standards Reporting

  63. Templates

  64. Templates Administrator

  65. Units

  66. View Settings

  67. Welcome to Planbook Version 12

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