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Overview - Lesson Layouts

Planbook allows you to divide your lessons into sections, which we refer to as Lesson Layouts. Layouts provide an outline or structure for lessons, to simplify both the process of creation and delivery. All of your classes can share the same layout, or you can create a unique layout for each class.

You can create as many layouts as needed, to allow for instructional differences by subject area (English Language Arts, Mathematics, etc.), school level (elementary, middle, high school), or special cases (summer school, after school, etc.)

School / District Layouts

Your school and district can also create lesson layouts for teachers. Layouts created by a school or district administrator will automatically be available for teachers to use in their plans.

Layout Text Sections (up to 6)

You can include up to 6 Text Sections in a lesson layout. Text sections allow you to enter lesson information in a paragraph model as you would in a document editor, and allow all standard text formatting capabilities. You can also include tables, images, videos and links in each text section.

Layout List Sections (up to 4)

You can also include up to 4 List Sections in a lesson layout. List sections allow you to select items from a predefined list, to be included in your lessons. Each list section connects to a unique repository of items in Planbook. Currently each list section can only be included one time in a lesson layout.
  • Standards - Student learning standards are available for all U.S. states, hundreds of national frameworks, many countries, and a wide array of local districts and dioceses. We are always adding to our standards database, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a framework you would like us to include!
  • Strategies - Instructional strategies are available from a wide array of organizations and leaders in the field of education, including Kagan, Kaplan, Marzano, Danielson, UDL, WICOR, and more!
  • My List - My List allows you to build your own list of items, and can contain anything that you regularly include in your lessons. This list can hold items such as accommodations, differentiation techniques, technical and support materials, etc. 
  • School List - If you are connected to a school account, then your school can also build a School List for your use. Similar to My List, this list can hold items such as accommodations, differentiation techniques, technical and support materials, etc.

Layout Section Names

You will create a unique name for each section of your lesson layout, and decide if you want the name to be displayed as part of your lesson plans. If displayed in your plans, the name will serve as a title for the section.

Layout Section Formats

You can uniquely format each section of your lesson layout. Format options allow you to control the font, size, style and color (text and background) of your section title and section body.

Layout Section Ordering

The individual sections of your layout can be arranged in any order you prefer. This order will then be used when editing your lessons (the order of the tabs in the editor) and to display your lessons on the Plans page (Week, Day, Month, List).

Current Layout

To save you the time required to add a lesson layout to each of your classes, you can select a Current Layout to serve as the default layout for all classes in your school year. You can then override the current layout for individual classes as needed.

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