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Overview - Events

Events in Planbook are similar to most calendar systems, and provide a way to capture activities not directly tied to your classes and lessons. You may want to include events for team meetings, student birthdays, etc. You can add stickers to your special events, too! Events will show in your Week, Day, and Month plan views, as well as in your Reminders panel.

Events also provide a powerful way to help manage your schedule during the school year. You can set specific dates as No School, No Cycle, or Alternate Schedule days, which will then automatically adjust your daily class schedule accordingly.

To learn more about how to add changes to your schedule, refer to our video tutorial.

School / District Events

Your school and district can also create shared events for teachers. Events created by a school or district administrator will automatically show on all teacher plans.

Event Title

An event title allows you to name your event. Example titles include "3rd Grade Team Meeting", "Field Trip to Zoo", etc. A title is not required, but we encourage you to include one for each event. An event with no title will show as "Event" in your plans.

Event Description

The event description allows you to include additional detail about your event, and may include event location, agenda, materials, etc.

Event Dates

Each event must include a start date and end date. For a single day event, the start and end date will be the same. For an event that has a date range (a repeating event), you will also be able to select how often the event will occur:
  • Daily - The event will repeat every day of the event date range.
  • Weekly - The event will repeat only once per week, using the day of week of the start date of the event.
  • Bi-Weekly - The event will repeat every other week, using the day of the week of the start date of the event.
* For a repeating event, Planbook also allows you to customize individual events in the series as needed.

Event Times

Event times are optional. If no times are set, the event will be considered an all day event, and will automatically appear at the top of your lesson plans for each date. If an event has a start time, it will display in your plans at the appropriate location relative to your class start times on each date.

Event Formats

In addition to defining a default format for your events in Display Settings, you can also customize the format of each event individually. Format options allow you to control the font, size, style and color (text and background) of your event title and event description.

Event Notifications

You can select to receive a notification for an event, which can be delivered as a browser pop up alert and/or an email message. You have full control over when each event notification is delivered, including the specific notification time and any number of days prior to the event.

Event Stickers

A new feature in Planbook, you can now add a wide variety of stickers to your plans! Stickers are available for holidays, school events, student birthdays, teacher reminders and more.

Event Attachments

Similar to lessons, you can attach files to your events. These files can be stored in your Planbook Resources folders, or in your Google Drive folders.

Private Events

If you share your plans with students/guardians via a Student View, you can set the view to also include the events in your plans. If you then have specific events you prefer to not show in the student view, you simply mark each as private.

No School Day Event

Events provide a powerful way to adjust your class schedule during the school year. Perhaps the most common case is a "No School Day" event. Your classes/lessons will automatically skip any date with a "No School Day" event, and your school day counters (days completed and days remaining) will not include these dates.

No Cycle Day Event

If your school year is set up as an "A/B" or cycle schedule, you will also have the option to create a "No Cycle Day" event. A "No Cycle Day" event will remain as a school day with classes, but it will not follow an existing cycle day schedule. You can then apply an Alternate Schedule to the date, and/or add individual Extra Lessons on the date.

Alternate Schedule Event

In addition to setting up your typical class schedule for the school year, you can also define Alternate Schedules, which can be applied to dates where the regular schedule will not work. Alternate Schedules can be created to cover half days, early release days, field trip days, school year start up, etc. To apply an alternate schedule to a specific date, you will create an event, and then select the appropriate alternate schedule to apply on this date.

Add Event Days

For an event that repeats on an irregular schedule, you can add additional dates for the event in the "Add Days" tab. An example might be an "Early Release Day" event that occurs 4-5 times at various dates during the school year. Rather than creating a unique event for each date, you can simply add each date to a single event.

Remove Event Days

For an event that repeats, such as a weekly team meeting, you have the option to remove specific dates, to allow for situations where a regular repeating event will not occur.

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