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How to copy Lessons from another Teacher

To copy or link lessons from another teacher:

  1. From the Plans page, click the Copy icon in top-right menu.

Copy From (Left Side):

  1. Select Lessons in the Type dropdown.

  2. Select the teacher email in the From dropdown. Note that the teacher will need to Add a Permission for you to see their email in the dropdown.

  3. Select the school year to copy from in the Year dropdown.

  4. Select the class to copy from in the Class dropdown.

  5. If desired, select a unit to copy from in the Unit dropdown.

  6. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the lessons to copy, or leave blank for all lessons.

  7. If desired, click the Show button to view the lessons to copy.

Copy To (Right Side):

  1. Select the class to copy the lessons to in the Class dropdown.

  2. Select Where to place lessons:

    • AFTER Existing Lessons - Lessons will be inserted after all existing lessons in the class.

    • INSERT Starting At - Enter an Insert Date, and lessons will be inserted starting on the date. Any existing lessons will be shifted accordingly.

  3. Select to copy or link the lessons:

    • Copy Lessons - Lessons will be copied to your class. Changes made to source lessons will not show in the copied lessons.

    • Link Lessons - Lessons will be linked to your class. Changes made to source lessons will show in the linked lessons.

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