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How to add a Student

Important! If you are a member of a Planbook school account, we recommend you first check with your administrator before adding students to your individual account. Students added to your account can only be accessed by you, so a better approach is to add students to the school account, where all teachers and administrators will have access as needed.

To add a student to your account:

  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Students > Manage.

  2. Click the Add Student (+) icon in top-right menu.

  3. Enter First Name and Last Name for the student. First and last name are the only required fields for a student.

  4. If desired, enter a Birthdate for the student. If you include a birthdate, you can set Planbook to automatically show student birthdays in your Plans and Reminders

  5. Click the Save (checkmark) icon in top-right menu to save your changes.

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