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How to add a Repeating To Do

To add a repeating To Do item to your plans:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Notes & To Do.

  2. Click the Add (+) icon in the top-right menu.

  3. Select the Add To Do option.

  4. Select a Priority for the To Do item.

  5. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the To Do item. A date range is required for a repeating To Do item.

  6. Select a Repeat timeframe for the To Do item:

    • Repeat Daily - The To Do will repeat each day.

    • Repeat Weekly - The To Do will repeat once each week, on the weekday of the To Do start date.

  7. Enter the To Do Description.

  8. Click the Save (checkmark) icon in the top-right menu to save your changes.

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