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How to create a Student Account

Important! If you are a member of a Planbook school account, we recommend you first check with your administrator before adding students to your individual account. Students added to your account can only be accessed by you, so a better approach is to add students to the school account, where all teachers and administrators will have access as needed.

Student Accounts allow a student to login individually to Planbook, and view teacher plans and grades that are specific to them. Student Accounts also allow students to send and receive messages from their teachers.

Note that if you have not already done so, you will also need to Create a Student View. A Student View allows you to specify the items (classes, lesson sections, events, grades) and timeframe (past and/or future lessons) students are able to view in their accounts.

To create a Student Account:

  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Students > Manage.

  2. If student is not already in Planbook, click the Add Student (+) icon in top-right menu. Enter First Name and Last Name for the student

  3. If student is in Planbook, hover on the student and click the Edit button.

  4. Enter a Student ID or Email Address for the student. One or both of these fields can be used to uniquely identify each student. Students will be able to use either one when logging into their account.

  5. Enter a Student Key, which serves as a password for the student. You can also click the Generate button to create a unique Student Key.

  6. Click the Save (checkmark) icon in top-right menu to save your changes.


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