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Overview - Account Types

Planbook offers a variety of account types to best meet the needs of our educators. The pricing model is a simple one, as each account type is available at the same annual rate. Planbook does not use a tiered pricing model, which requires a teacher to pay more for the features they most need. Rather, all Planbook features are available to our educators at all times, including during the 90 day free trial.

In addition, Planbook offers two account types that are always free: Student Accounts and Manager Accounts (coming soon)!  Each Planbook account type is described below.

Teacher Account

A teacher account is the most common account type in Planbook, and provides individual teachers with our full range of planning, scheduling, tracking, sharing and collaboration tools. A teacher can choose to use Planbook independently, or to share and collaborate with their fellow educators.

A school account is not required for teachers to work together and collaborate on their plans. However, connecting a group of teachers together with a school account does offer even more options, as common school items (see below) can then be created for all teachers to leverage. Note that setting up a school account does not add any cost to individual teachers, and can even reduce costs with school-wide discounts.

Administrator Account

An administrator account can be connected to an individual school or to multiple school accounts in Planbook. For each connected school, the administrator will be able to view and (if desired) approve individual teacher plans, run reports on plan status and standards coverage, and send messages to teachers.

Each administrator will also have a designated "primary" school, and will be able to manage (invite/remove) the teachers connected to the school, as well as create the school items listed below. All teachers connected to the school will have immediate access to school items added by an administrator.

Dual Account

A dual account offers the features of both a teacher account and an administrator account, and is intended for individuals who function in both of these roles at their school. This account will include an icon in the top left menu, to allow the individual to switch between Teacher Mode (T) and Admin Mode (A) as needed. When in Teacher Mode, the account will function like a typical teacher account. When in Admin Mode, the account will function like a typical administrator account.

District Administrator Account

A district administrator account functions identically to an administrator account, with all the features listed above, and offers three additional capabilities. A district administrator can:
  • Manage (invite/remove) teachers at all schools in the district, including moving teachers between schools as needed.

  • Create the school items listed above for their primary school, as well as district level items for each. The district items will be available to all teachers in the district, regardless of individual school.

  • Manage dynamic Rostering between the district SIS and Planbook.

Student Account

Note that student accounts are not required to allow students and/or parents to view teacher plans. View Links are a quick and easy way to allow others to view your plans, and do not require an account in Planbook.

Students are not able to create their own accounts in Planbook. Rather, students can be added by teachers (for individual use) or by administrators (for use by all teachers connected to a school). Adding students to Planbook allows teachers to track student attendance, measure performance and standards achievement, capture notes for students, create seating charts, and more!

Teachers and schools can also enable students to access their accounts in Planbook, which will allow the students to view lessons, download classwork, and track grades from each of their teachers in a single location. This also allows students to communicate with their teachers, sending messages, questions, etc. Student Accounts are completely free in Planbook.

Manager Account (Coming Soon!)

A manager account will soon be available, and will be free for Planbook schools and districts! A school or district can add as many manager accounts as needed. A manager account will have the following capabilities for an individual school:
  • Manage (invite/remove) teachers for the school account.

  • Manage events for the school account. This will allow adding the school calendar each year.

  • Manage annual subscription renewal and (if applicable) payment for the school account.
A key goal of the manager account is to allow school leadership to delegate these tasks to the appropriate individual(s) at their school.

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