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Overview - Lesson Actions

Planbook offers a wide array of actions to perform on your lessons. To select an action, click the Lesson Actions (3 dot) icon for the lesson. You can also right-click anywhere in the lesson to open Lesson Actions.

Edit Lesson

Edit Lesson will open the lesson editor, and allow you to make changes to the lesson content. You can also single click on the lesson title, or double click anywhere in the lesson, to open the lesson editor.  Check out our video tutorials for how to add and edit lessons as well as how to navigate your plans.

Lock Lesson to Date

Lock Lesson to Date will make the current date for the lesson a permanent one. This means that any action (bumping, extending, deleting) or schedule change (no school day, etc.) that would normally cause the lesson to shift to a new date will NOT shift this lesson. Instead, when lesson shifting occurs, the other lessons for the class will skip over the locked lesson dates.

Locking a lesson is not something we recommend for every day use, as this limits your ability to easily adjust your schedule as needed during the school year. In some cases however (such as a guest speaker, a holiday lesson activity, a substitute lesson, etc.) it can be helpful to ensure the lesson remains on a specific date even when other lessons are shifted.

Move Lesson

Move Lesson allows you to move the lesson to a new date. Note that the lesson can only be moved to a new date within the current school year. You can however, move the lesson to a different class than the current one if desired.


Copy allows you to copy the lesson. You can copy the entire lesson with the All option, or select individual lesson sections to copy. Once you click the Copy option, you will then be able to open another lesson and click the Paste option.  Check out our video for how to copy and paste single lessons and lesson sections!


Paste allows you to paste the copied lesson content into the selected lesson.

Bump Forward

Bump Forward allows you to shift the lesson forward a specific number of days. This will also shift forward all future lessons for the class accordingly. Bump forward is a simple way to handle cases where you are unable to start (or finish) a lesson as originally planned.   Check out our video for how to bump and extend lessons.

Bump Backward

Bump Backward allows you to shift the lesson backward a specific number of days. This will also shift backward all future lessons for the class accordingly. Note that when you bump backward, this will DELETE any lessons that currently exist for the date range of the bump.

Extend Lesson

Extend Lesson allows you to quickly copy the current lesson a specific number of days into the future. This will also shift forward all future lessons for the class accordingly. Extend lesson is a simple way to add additional class days to complete a lesson that takes longer than initially planned.

Extend Standards

Extend Standards allows you to quickly copy the current lesson standards to a specific number of future lessons. The standards will be added to the future lessons, and will not overwrite any existing standards the future lessons may have. Extending standards is a simple way to add standards for a group of connected lessons only once, and then quickly extend the standards to cover all lessons in the group.

Delete Lesson

Delete Lesson will delete the current lesson from your plans. You can choose to shift, or not shift, future lessons backward as a result of the delete.

Remove Class from Date

Remove Class from Date allows you to remove a single instance of a class from your regular schedule. For those times when another class/lesson runs longer than expected, a school assembly or drill is scheduled, etc. you can quickly remove a class instance as needed. You will be prompted to shift the current lesson for the class, to ensure nothing is lost.

Apply Template

Apply Template allows you to select one or more templates to apply to the lesson. Note that templates will only display in lesson sections with no existing content. You will need to mark a template as a favorite to have it appear in the Apply Template list.

Remove Template

Remove Template allows you to remove an existing template from the lesson. You will only see this option in Lesson Actions when the lesson has a template.

Add Classwork

Add Classwork allows you to attach existing assignments and/or assessments to the lesson.

Swap Lesson

Swap Lesson allows you to switch the current lesson with another lesson in the same class. You simply enter the date of the lesson you would like to swap, and the lessons will switch dates in your plans.

Send To

Send To allows you to export the lesson to a PDF file, Google Doc, or Word Document.

* Lesson Actions can be undone on the Change History page under User Settings.

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