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How to enter Student Grades

Note that to capture grades for one or more of your classes, you will need to first assign students to the class, and create classwork (assignments and/or assessments) for the class. To enter student grades:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Grades.

  2. Select the Class to enter grades.

  3. Select the Grade Period to enter grades.

  4. If desired, use the Show Assignments and Show Assessment filters to limit the grade columns displayed:

    • All - Show all classwork items of this type

    • None - Hide all classwork items of this type.

    • Prior - Jump to the prior classwork item of this type.

    • Next - Jump to the next classwork item of this type.

  5. Enter a score for each student. You can use the Return/Enter key after you enter each score to quickly jump to the next student. You can also enter a non-numeric score:

    • E (Excused) - Student was excused for the classwork.

    • I (Incomplete) - Student submitted the classwork, but it is incomplete.

    • M (Missing) - Student did not submit the classwork.

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