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How to Filter Lesson Plans

There may be times when viewing the detailed contents of your lessons is overwhelming, making it difficult for you to focus in on a specific class, lesson component, classwork, etc. The Filter Plans feature provides a simple and powerful way to control what is displayed on your Plans page, and allows you to dynamically adjust your view as often as you'd like.

Filter Plans

To filter your plans:
  1. Click the Filter Plans icon in the top-left menu.

  2. Select the items to show or hide in your plans:

    • Classes - Limit the view to selected classes.

    • Lesson Tags - Limit the view to lessons with specific tags.

    • Lesson Sections - Limit the view to selected lesson sections.

    • Other Sections - Limit the view of other lesson components.

  3. If you wish to save your filters for future logins, click Save Preferences.

Hide Details

To quickly hide all lesson content, except for lesson titles:
  1. Click the Hide Details icon in the top-left menu.

  2. To show your plans, click the icon once more.

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