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Overview - Templates

Templates allow you to apply repeated information to your plans, to save the time required to type or copy/paste the information into each individual lesson. Templates can be used for specific lesson activities (such as "Review spelling words" each Thursday), or to add structure to a lesson section (such as including the names for each of your reading groups).

To learn more about Templates, refer to our Video Tutorial.

School Templates

Your school can also create templates for teachers. Templates created by a school administrator will automatically be available for teachers to use in their plans.

Template Type

On the Templates Page, you will see a column for Template Type. Template Type identifies the creator of the template:
  • Teacher - The template was created by you as the teacher, and can be fully edited and deleted.
  • School - The template was created by an administrator for your school, and can be applied to your classes and lessons, but cannot be edited or deleted.

Template Title

A template title allows you to name your template. Template names provide an easy way to locate each template on your Template Page, as well as when adding a template to an individual lesson.

Template Lesson Layout

Similar to classes, you can select a lesson layout for each of your templates. The lesson layout determines what lesson sections will be available for your template. If no lesson layout is selected, the template will use the default lesson layout for your school year.

For teachers who have multiple lesson layouts, perhaps one for each class, a common approach is to follow the same structure for templates. For example, if you have a lesson layout specific to your Language Arts class, you would use this same lesson layout for any templates that will be applied to your Language Arts class.

Template Lesson Sections

You can add content to as many lesson sections as you'd like in a single template. However, it is important to remember that when you apply a template to a class, it will use all the template sections with content. As an example, you may have a template with content in two sections: Warm Up Activity and Homework. If you want the Warm Up Activity template content to apply to some of your lessons, and the Homework template content to apply to other lessons, then you will need to create two separate templates to allow this flexibility.

Template Classes

You can apply a template to as many classes as you'd like in your school year. For even more control, you select a specific date range, and the individual days of the week, to apply the template.

Template Rules

Templates are only applied to lesson sections with no existing content. Once a lesson section has saved content, this overrides any templates that exist. To apply a template to a lesson section, you will need to first ensure the section is empty.

Template Favorites

For templates that you use frequently, you can mark them as a favorite. This will allow you to apply the template directly to individual lessons in your plans, via the Lesson Actions menu, without returning to the Template Page.

Apply Template to a Lesson

For templates marked as a favorite, you can use the Lesson Actions menu to apply a template directly to individual lessons in your plans.

Remove Template from a Lesson

For templates that apply to a range of lessons for a class, there may be specific lessons where you do not want the template to be included. In these situations, you can use the Lesson Actions menu to remove the template from the individual lessons.

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