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How to submit Teacher Plans

Planbook allows administrators to establish a weekly deadline for teacher plan submissions, to run reports on submit status, and to send messages and reminders to teachers as needed. Note that your administrator will need to Add an Administrator School Year to take advantage of this reporting feature. Once the administrator year is added, teachers will then be able to submit plans on a weekly basis.

Submit Teacher Plans

To submit your plans:
  1. On your Plans page, click the Status button in the top-right menu. Note that if you do not see a Status button, then your current school year is not connected to the administrator school year.

  2. Select the Ready option to submit your plans for the current week.

  3. To un-submit your plans for the current week, simply select the Ready option again.

Once submitted, the status will change to Ready. If your administrator reviews your plans, the status will change to Reviewed.

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