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How to create a Student View

To allow students to view plans online, you can create a Student View. You have full control over the classes, lesson sections, and lesson timeframe that students can view in your plans. To create a Student View:
  1. Click the User Setting icon in top-right menu.

  2. Select the Sharing Options button.

  3. Select the View - Students option in menu bar.

  4. Enter a View Key. The view key creates a unique identifier for each view, and can be anything you want.

  5. Select the View Items to include in the view. View items can include events, grades, and specific lesson sections.

  6. Select the View Classes to include in the view. Note that it is fine to select multiple classes at one time, as you will receive a unique link for each individual class, which you can share with different groups of students as needed.

  7. Set a View Range for the view. The view range allows you to control how far in the past, and how far in the future, you allow lessons to be viewed by students.

  8. Select a Default Layout for the view. This sets the layout students will see initially, but they will have the ability to switch the layout as needed.

  9. If desired, add View Information to the view. View information can include more general information to guide students, such as links to various student tools and websites for additional practice.

  10. Click the Save button to save your changes.

  11. Click the Download or Email to me icon in top-right menu to receive your view links. This will include a single link for all classes, as well as an individual link for each class, and can be shared with students as needed.

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