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Overview - Lesson Banks

Lesson Banks provide a way to capture lessons and units that are independent of any specific class or dates. Banks can be used for planning purposes, to build your curriculum without knowing exactly when you’ll choose to insert it into your lesson schedule.

Banks can also provide a central repository for your classes, units, and lessons. Rather than replicating lessons into each class and year of your plans, you can store the lessons once in a bank, and then simply link them into your schedule as needed.

School / District Banks

Your school and district can also create lesson banks for teachers. Lesson banks created by a school or district administrator can be made available to all teachers, or only to specific teacher teams. Administrators also control which teachers have view only access, and which teachers are allowed to add and edit lessons in a bank.

Lesson Bank Layout

You can select a unique Lesson Layout for each of your lesson banks. The lesson layout determines what lesson sections will be available for your bank. If no lesson layout is selected, the bank will use the default lesson layout for your school year.

For teachers who have multiple lesson layouts, perhaps one for each class, a common approach is to follow the same structure for banks. For example, if you have a lesson layout specific to your Language Arts class, you would use this same lesson layout for any banks that hold lessons for Language Arts.

Lesson Bank Units

You can divide the lessons in your banks into Units. This will allow for logical grouping of lessons, and can be used to more easily filter your bank lessons when viewing and copying.

Lesson Bank Sharing

You can share your lesson banks with your fellow teachers, to allow for team collaboration, by creating Permissions. Permissions allow you to control the teachers who have access, the level of access (view only, or view and edit) and which specific lesson sections are available.

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