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How to add a Lesson Layout

To add a lesson layout:
  1. Click the User Settings icon in top-right menu.

  2. Select the Lesson Layouts option.

  3. Click the Add Lesson Layout (+) icon in the top-right menu.

  4. Enter a Layout Name for the lesson layout.

  5. If desired, select a Sample Layout to serve as a starting point for your layout design.

  6. Design the sections of your lesson layout:

    • Name - Click the Edit (pencil) icon to change the name of each section.

    • Order - Hold and slide the Order (arrows) icon to change the order of each section.

    • Enable - Click the Enable button to enable or disable each section.

    • Format - Click the Format button to select the default format for the title and body of each section.

  7. Click the Save (checkmark) icon in top-right menu to save your changes.

To learn more about Lesson Layouts, please refer to the Lesson Layout Overview.

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