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How to create Performance Reports

To create a Performance Reports for one or more of your students:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Grades.

  2. Click the Send To icon in the top-right menu.

  3. Select the Performance Reports (PDF) option.

  4. Select the Students to include in the report:

    • All students from all classes
    • All students from a single class
    • An individual student

  5. Select the Grade Period to include in the report.

  6. Select the performance Types to include in the report:

    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Standards

  7. Select the score Items to include in the report:

    • Entered
    • Empty
    • Excused
    • Incomplete
    • Missing

  8. Click the Send icon in the Performance Reports menu to create the report PDF.

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