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Getting Started with a Teacher Account

Welcome to Planbook!  We are so glad you have decided to choose Planbook to support your planning needs.  Here you will find a variety of supports to help you get started building your new account.  Navigate through our interactive guide to set up your Planbook account.

Once you have completed the above setup, you are able to start planning!  If you wish to customize your account further, we recommend exploring a few of our additional Planbook features:
  • Standards allow you to choose the standards addressed in your plans from our comprehensive database of state, national, and international standard frameworks.
  • Templates allow you to add repeating information into your plans and save the time required to copy & paste the information for each individual lesson.
  • The Lesson Action Menu allows you to adjust your lesson in a variety of ways, such as bumping lessons forward and backwards, extending lessons, and copying and pasting single lessons.
  • Events allow you to schedule activities outside of your classes, such as meetings, assemblies, no school days, and holidays.

Additional Resources

Planbook offers a variety of additional supports and resources:
  • Check out our Getting Started Video Guide as well as many other video resources on our YouTube channel.
  • Access the Overview in your account at any time by clicking the User Setting icon in the top-right menu and selecting Overview.
  • Our dedicated Teacher Success Team can help guide you through your journey.  You can reach Planbook 8am - 4pm CST Monday - Thursday by emailing or calling us at (888)205-5528.

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