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I am having importing/copying difficulties. Why?

If only certain sections are copying over - If you are seeing certain sections/tabs copying over from other teachers, while other sections/tabs are not, you may have your tabs/sections set up differently from the teacher you are copying from. 

To check on this, click on the Go To menu and select "Display Settings". Here, ensure that the section "type" matches. 

For example, if Teacher A has their "Text 1" section named "Lesson", Teacher B will also want their "Text 1" section to be named "Lesson". 

If receiving message that "Teacher Email or Key is incorrect" - This means that the Teacher Key or email of the teacher you wish to import from is being entered incorrectly. We recommend ensuring that you are entering the information of the teacher you wish to import from exactly as it appears on their "Sharing Options" page under the "Collaborate - All Teachers" heading. 

If receiving a message that "Insert Date must be in class date range" - This means that the dates you are choosing to copy into are not included in the class you have selected to copy into. If you see this, ensure you have the year you wish to copy into selected in the upper-left corner before clicking the "Copy" button.  

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