How do I share and edit the same class/use Replica with other teachers?

The "Replica' feature allows two more teachers to share a class or group of classes together, allowing changes made to appear in all connected teacher accounts. 

Please note -
a replica class must have the same schedule as the class you are replicating.  

1. Click on the Go To -> Classes

2. Click on a class. Here, you'll see a number of "Collaborate" options. Teachers can use the "View/Edit" and "Replica" options.

3. One teacher will choose the "View/Edit" option on their account and all other teachers can choose the "Replica" options on their accounts.

When teachers choose the "Replica" option, they'll be prompted for the email and Teacher Key  of the teacher they wish to share with. After entering that, click the "Show Classes" button to choose the year and class you wish to replicate. 

4. Save the changes. The class should look identical to the class you are replicating. Any changes made to that class should affect all connected classes when the teacher either refreshes their page or signs in next. 

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