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My Strategies allows you to incorporate instructional strategies into your lessons. Strategies can be defined by you, your school or your district. We also provide access to nationally recognized instructional strategies, including Kagan Structures, Marzano Strategies, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  

Activate the "Instructional Strategies" tab from the Display Settings page under Go To.

As a teacher, you may add custom strategies using the "My Strategies" tab under Go To.

Administrators may also add school-wide strategies using "School Strategies" under Go To.

Adding strategies: 

1. Click on the Go To menu and select "My Strategies". 

2. Click the "Add Item" button. 
3. Enter your ID and Title, and enter the description for the strategy in the box below. 
4. Click the apply/save button when you are finished. 

Applying strategies:

First, ensure that your "Strategies" tab is active by clicking on the Go To menu and selecting "Display Settings". Here, you should see "Strategies" to the right of the section/tab title. Check the box next to "Strategies" in the list and save the changes, and this will activate that tab/section.

Follow these steps then: 

1. Open a lesson and navigate to the strategies tab. 
2. Click the "+" icon to open your strategies list. 
3. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the window to view a list of all strategies. 
4. Click each strategy you wish to apply and you'll see a check mark appear. 
5. Apply the changes when you are done, and you should see the strategy applied. 

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