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Adding School Events

The "Events" page allows administrators to create calendar events and "No School Days" for all teachers within the school. These events will automatically display for teachers when signing in next. 

1. Click Go To -> Events.

2. Click the "Add Event" button. 

3. Enter in a title at the top of the window, a start/end date, a start/end time, and set if the event repeats. 
4. If desired, enter in a description for the event in the text below the toolbar. 
5. If the event happens on a day when school is not in session, check the box for "No School"

*Please note that if the event is a "No School Day", teachers will need to first log into in their accounts before an administrator will see the events appearing.   

6. If you do not wish to have the event display on all teachers' accounts, check the "Private Event" box. 

7. Click the save button to create the event. 

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