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Standards Reporting

In this section, you can view our standards database, generate reports on standards taught, print those reports, and export standards to a CSV file. Just click on the Go To menu and select "Standards Reporting".


Viewing Standards: Using the drop-down fields, choose the categories you would like to view. You’ll see the standards appear below those fields.

Viewing Taught Standards: After selecting the categories in your plans you would like to view, click the “Times Taught” and "Date" columns towards the right side of the screen to sort the standards by the times you have applied them to your lessons.

Printing Reports: Click the “Print” button towards the upper-right corner to download a PDF-document of the pulled-up standards. You can then print or save this document.

Export: Click the “Export” button in the upper-right corner to export the pulled-up standards to a CSV document.

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