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School Year

Click on the Go To button and select "School Year" to customize your school year here and schedule your classes on a cycle. You can also adjust your school year name.

First Day: The first day of your school year. Determines the default start date for your classes and the number of your “School Day Counter” (if applied through the “Display” page).

Last Day: The last day of your school year. Classes and lessons will not appear past this date.

Classes Are Scheduled: This section will allow you to set your classes on a cycle schedule. Choose the option, or enter a number for your cycle days here. Choose the “Day Names” option to enter different names for your cycle days.

Class Days: This section determines which days of the week your classes will need to be scheduled. 

Actions: Add a new year, switch to another year, delete the currently-selected year, add terms, or delete groups of lessons by clicking this and selecting the corresponding action.

School Year Terms: This option will only be visible if you have your schedule on a rotation/cycle. This is used for adjusting your cycle/rotation day in the event your schedule is off. Enter a term name first (this can be anything you wish) and then choose a date that the change will take place on using the “Start Date” option. After that, change the “Starts On” field to choose the specific schedule day that the schedule will reset to. Click the “x” icon next to the term to remove that from your plans.

Manage Lessons: Click this option to delete groups of lessons from all classes in your currently-selected school year. This is great for removing accidentally-imported lessons or for re-configuring your schedule quickly. Just enter the start/end date of the lessons, then click "Show Lessons". Here, click on the check box next to each lesson you wish to select (or click the check box in the upper-left corner of the grid to select ALL lessons between the selected dates) and click the "Delete" button when finished to remove those lessons. 

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