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My List

The My List section is used for adding specific objectives/assessments/standards that we may not have in our system. To ensure that your “My List” section is active, click on the Go To menu and select “Display”. Here, make sure the “Enabled” box is checked next to the “My List” section. Apply the changes when finished.

Click the Go To button and select "My List". 

To add an item, click on the “Add Item” button in the upper-left corner of the screen. 

Enter an “ID” in the corresponding field. This can be anything you wish and is there to help organize the items you add. After adding the ID, enter text in the window below. Click the apply button when you are finished. You’ll now see that item added.

To apply a “My List” item to a lesson:

1. Open a lesson.

2. Click on the “My List” tab above the edit window.

3. Click the “+” button.

4. Click on an item to select it. You should see it highlight in a different color.

5. Click the “Apply” button in the open window.

6. Click the “Save” button in the lesson window and you should see the item applied to your plans.

To delete a "My List" item: 

1. Click on the item on the "My List" page. 

2. Click the three-dot icon. 

3. Select "Delete" to remove that item from your list. This will also remove it from anywhere you have applied it. 

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