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My Files

In this section, you can upload files for use in your plans, and rename/delete files you have already uploaded.

Upload New File - To upload a file, click the “Upload New File” button towards the top of the screen. Then, select a file from your computer and either double-click on it, or click the “open” button. You’ll see the file in your “My Files” list then.

Rename a File - To rename a file, click on it from your “My Files” list, erase the text, and add new text. Then, click the apply button to save those changes. The file will be renamed in that list, and anywhere it has been attached.

Delete - To delete a file, click on a file in the list and then click on the three-dot icon button and select "Delete".  This will remove the file from that list, and any lesson you have attached it to.

Download File - Click on the download icon  next to a file name in the list. The file will be downloaded to your computer. 

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