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Enter grades, create grading periods, adjust your score weighting, view specific student's grades, and generate performance reports in this section. Click Go To -> Grades.

View Grades: You'll see any assignments/assessments you've added generated in a grid below the buttons on this screen. To see a specific student's grades, click on the students name in the grid. Click the "Sort" button to sort your assignments and assessments by their scheduled date.


Adding Grades: Click on an empty box under an assignment, assessment, or standard to set the grade for that item. You can also enter letter codes - 

E - Excused

This will excuse the assignment. This will not count towards the final grade. 

I - Incomplete

Used to note an incomplete/unfinished assignment/assessment. This will not factor towards the final grade. 

M - Missing

Use this to note a missing assignment/assessment. This will count as a zero. 

Grading periods: To set up your grading periods/terms, use the "All Grade Periods" button and choose “Add Period”. 

Click the period name drop down button to switch periods or add another period. The start/end dates for assignments/assessments determine which period those will appear under. To edit the period, click the pencil icon to the right of the period name. 

Add Assessment: Add an assessment to your "Assessments" page. This serves the same purpose as the "Add Assessment" button on the "Assessments" page (under the Go To menu)

Add Assignment: Add an assignment to your "Assignments" page. This serves the same purpose as the "Add Assignment" button on the "Assignment" page (under the Go To menu) 

Hide Standards: Use this button to hide standards on the "Grades" page

Score Weighting: From your "Assignments" or "Assessments" pages (under the Go To menu), you can adjust the percentage value of assignments and assessments by adjusting the “percent” column. 

Select the Letter Grades option to set the minimum percent needed to achieve an A, B, C, etc. 

Select the Performance Reports button to generate reports for grades, standards, or both. You can choose the grade period, as well as the student(s). Click the "Print All Items" button to adjust which items appear on the document for the selected students. 

Grades can also be downloaded to a PDF or exported to a spreadsheet. Using the printer icon on the "Grades" page, you can choose to export your grades grid to a PDF or CSV (spreadsheet). You can also customize which elements of your grades you see on the PDF or CSV by adjusting the options here. 

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