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Here, you can create events in your plans, or view all previously-created events. Click on the Go To menu and select "Events"

1. To add an event, click the "Add Event" button in the upper-left corner of the screen. 

2. In the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields, select the first/last day you want the event to display in your plans. If the event will only last one day, set the start/end date as the same date.

3. Set the time the event occurs using the “Start/End Time” fields.

4. If the event repeats, adjust the “Repeats” field. Note - this will only appear if the event is set to occur for more than one day. 

5. Set a title for the event in the “Event Title” field in the upper blue bar.

6. Enter the text for the event in the edit window. This is optional.

7. Save the changes by clicking the check mark  button and you’ll see the event appear.

There are additional options you can select using the checkboxes in the upper-right corner of the event window:

No School Day: Select this if the event occurs when you do not have school/class or will prevent class from occurring (snow day, special off day, etc.) If lessons and classes are scheduled during the event, you’ll receive a prompt to shift your lessons after applying. Choose “Shift Lessons” to shift the lessons to accommodate the event. Choose “Do Not Shift Lessons” if you wish to remove those classes/lessons.

Private Event: Choose this option to hide the event in the “Student View”. For more information, please refer to the “Student View” section of this guide.

Alternate Day: Use the drop-down menu to quickly enter an alternate schedule day into your plans. For more information on setting up Alternate Schedule Days, search "Alternate Schedule" in the Knowledge Base. 

No Cycle Day: If you do not have a rotating schedule, you may not see this option. This will make your cycle schedule skip the day and remove all classes from that selected date. 

Actions Menu -

Deleting an Event: Open an event and click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the event window to select "Delete". This will remove the event from ALL dates it is scheduled. If this is a "No School" event, you may receive a prompt to "Shift" or "Do Not Shift" your lessons. Choose "Shift" if you wish to have your lessons shifted to accommodate for this change or choose "Do Not Shift" to keep all lessons where they are currently. 

Format: Adjust the look of the currently-selected event. 

Add/Remove Day: This section will allow you to add extra days to an event or remove single dates from an event without having to adjust your start/end dates. Just click the "+" icon next to "Add Days" and you'll be able to select a calendar date to add to the event. To remove the added day, just click the "x" next to any added days. 

Click the "Remove Day" option to remove single days from your currently-selected event. Use the empty slot to enter a specific date to remove the event from. Click the + icon to remove additional days, or click the trash can icon next to the removed date to delete that. 

Attaching Files: Use the paperclip icon towards the bottom of the window to attach files to your open lesson. You’ll first see a list of your files from your “My Files” section. Click the “Upload New File” button to choose a file from your computer to attach. If the file is a picture, you’ll receive the option to embed the file and have it display within your plans. Please refer to the “Attaching Files” section of this guide for more information.

Attaching Google Drive Documents: Use the Google Drive symbol  to connect to your Google account and attach files from your Google Drive documents. Just click on a file and click on the “Select” button to attach that file.

Import: Click this button to import events from another teacher or a CSV file.

From Teacher: Enter the teacher’s email and key (located on the “Sharing Options” page of their plans) and click the apply icon. Next select the year you wish to import from. Clicking the apply button will bring over all events in the year you have selected to your currently selected year.

From CSV File: Click the “Choose File” button to select a file from your computer. To download a sample CSV file, click the corresponding button. Click the apply button to upload that document and create events in your plans.

Export: Use this to export your events to a CSV file. This is great if you need to record them elsewhere or share with someone else. 

You’ll see two options after clicking the “Export” button:

Include HTML: Use this option if you plan to import the file back into This will export the information with text formatting.

Do Not Include HTML: This will export the events without the text formatting. Use this if you wish to record your events elsewhere (such as Microsoft Word)

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