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Use the “Assignments” feature to set up homework or projects and link them to your lessons and units. You can also view or edit Google Classroom items if you've connected your Planbook account to your Google Classroom.

Click on the Go To menu and select "Assignments" to access this page. 

Click the “Add Assignments” button to create an assignment. You can enter a title for the assignment by entering text in the upper blue bar. 

You should see that you can select a class, a unit, and a start/end date. After adjusting those elements, enter any text you wish in the box below. This can be left empty as well. 

After that, apply the changes and you’ll see your assignment created.

Using the drop-down menus towards the top of the screen, you can sort your assignments and units.

Score Weighting: Adjust how assignments, assessments, and standards are weighted in your gradebook. For more information, refer to the “Grades” section.  

Google Items - If you've connected your account to your Google Classroom classes, you'll see any assignments/quizzes appear on the screen after clicking the "Google Class" button at the top of the screen and selecting a class.

If you have integrated specific classes with your Google Account via the "Classes" page, you'll see those items appear when you have the class selected.

Transfer to Google Class -

When creating or editing assignments or assessments, you can use the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner to select "Transfer to Google Class" to automatically add the assignment/assessment to a Google Class. When editing the item via Planbook in the future, a window will open with your Google Classroom. 

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