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Click your display name in the upper-right corner of your plans to access these options - 

Account: Adjust your email, display name, and password here. You can also renew your account and join/create a “Free Months” account here. Just click the “Get Free Months” button to set up or join a “Free Months” account. You can also connect your Google account here by clicking the “Sign In” button. This will allow you to integrate your Google Calendar, Google Classroom, and Drive with your account.

Overview: An explanation of some of our basic features. A good starting point for a new account. You’ll see this when you log in for the first time also.

Tutorials: View our video tutorials on basic features of

Knowledge Base: View written help for features of

Contact Us: Send us an email if you have a question or issue.

Chat: Chat live with a support representative, or send a message to us if a chat representative is not available. 

Feedback: Vote on or submit new ideas for future additions to Planbook.

Refresh: Reload your account to receive any recent changes from your colleagues (if collaborating) or other apps.

Sign Out: Log out of your account.

Feedback and Knowledge Base