Android App

For when you need to carry your plans with you or plan on the go, we have our mobile apps. This article will provide a general overview of our Android app (for Android phones and tablets). 

Generally, our mobile apps have most of the features of, and more are being added all the time, so longtime users of should have no trouble getting started on the mobile apps. However, there are a few convenient differences when using the mobile apps. 

Navigating - Swipe left or right on your main plans page to go to the next day (on Android phone app) or the next week (on Android tablets)  

Editing Plans - Swipe right or left to change the tab/section you are editing, or tap on the specific tab/section you wish to edit (tablet only). Tap the "Apply" button to save, or use the back button/arrow towards the bottom of your device to close out of the lesson without saving the changes.

The Go To Menu - Use the three bar icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to navigate to the main pages of your account. 

The Three-Dot Menu - In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the three-dot button to access view elements of your Planbook (different views, jump to a specific date, adjust which elements are visible in your plans, comments). 

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