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Android App

For when you need to carry your plans with you or plan on the go, we have Planbook Mobile. This article will provide a general overview of our Android app. 

Navigating - Swipe right or left on your main plans page, or tap the arrows in the upper-left and right corners to navigate to the next/previous day in your plans. Tap the date at the top of the screen to select to view any date in your current year.

Editing Lessons - Tap a lesson to edit, or click the three-dot icon towards the right to select "Edit Lesson". 

Tap a section title to make changes. Use the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner to access lesson actions.

Go To menu - Tap the three-line menu to access other other features like Classes, Events, and Grades. You may also adjust your account information or sign out of the app.

To Do/Notes - Tap the notepad icon at the bottom of the screen to access the To Do/Notes panel. Click To Do or Notes and use the plus icon to add a new item. 

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