iPad App

For when you need to carry your plans with you or plan on the go, we have our mobile apps. This article will provide a general overview of our iOS app for Apple iPads.  

Generally, our mobile apps have most of the features of Planbook.com, and more are being added all the time, so longtime users of Planbook.com should have no trouble getting started on the mobile apps, but there are a few convenient differences when using the mobile apps. 

Navigating - Swipe right or left on your main plans page to go to the next week, day, or month (depending on the selected view at the bottom of the screen) or click the arrows at the bottom-right and bottom-left corner. 

Editing Lessons - Swipe right or left to change the currently-selected tab/section, or tap on a specific tab/section that you wish to view or edit. Use the "Actions" button to bump/bump back/extend your lessons quickly while viewing a lesson. 

More - Tap this to add an event or extra lesson quickly, or print/download your plans. You can also view your notes here. 

To Do List - Located under the Go To menu, the To Do List allows teachers to quickly add items they wish to complete to a list within Planbook. Set their priority by tapping in the "Priority" slot next to the items, and adjust when you hope to have the item done by tapping in the "Due Date" slot. 

View Items - Towards the bottom of the page, you should see multiple options for viewing your plans in different ways. Use "Jump to Today" to jump to today's date, or select a specific date to view by tapping "Jump to Date". You can also view your plans in weekly, daily, list, or month view by choosing a specific option towards the bottom of the page. 

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