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Customizing School Lesson Layouts

Customizing School Lesson Layouts

Administrators can create a "Lesson Layout" to customize the tabs/sections that teachers see when editing their lessons.

1. Navigate to User Settings and select Lesson Layouts

2. Click the Plus button + in the upper right corner to add a new layout.

3. Enter a layout name in the corresponding section. Teachers will see this when selecting the layout.

4. Enter your desired section/tab names in the fields. You can also click and drag to move and reorder the lesson sections.

5. When you are finished, click the save button. Teachers will see a notification when signing in next that a layout has been added and they can select to use that.

When a layout has been created, teachers will see a notification alerting them to the newly-created layout. Teachers can also click User Settings > Lesson Layouts to see all layouts added by the school or district.

*Please note - The sections labeled "My List", "Standards", and "School List" can only be used for those specific features. While these can be renamed, they must be utilized for those features.

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