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After creating a school year, it is time to set up your classes!  To add a class, follow the steps below:

1. From the Planbook Bar, select Classes.

2. Click the Add Class button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Enter a class name and click enter/return.

4. Schedule your new class by clicking the edit schedule button in the top right corner.

5. Choose when you would like the new class schedule to begin

6. Drag and drop the new class where you would like it to be in your schedule

7. Adjust the time of class as needed and choose whether to apply the change to all week days or just the week day you dragged and dropped.

8. Select the Done button in the top right corner when you are finished scheduling.

9. Use the Planbook Bar to go back to your Plans, and you should see the class appearing on the days/times you have scheduled.

To further customize your class hover over a class and select the edit pencil icon. When you do this, a new screen will open with the following options:
  • Teaching/Non-Teaching: These buttons indicate whether you are actively teaching a class or if it is a non-teaching part of your schedule, such as a prep period.
  • Format: This allows you to choose the font size, type, and color for your class name in your plans.
  • Class Color: The color that this class will appear in your plans
  • Class Start/End: These are the first and last days you’ll see the class in your plans. The “Use School Start/Use School End” buttons allow you to automatically apply the class to your full school year. To enter a custom start or end date for your class, simply click on the Use School Start/School End buttons to deselect and enter custom dates.
  • Lesson Layout: Your lesson layout for each class determines the lesson sections that will appear in your editor as you write lessons. To create lesson layouts for your classes, you can follow the instructions here. [Insert Link]
  • Collaborate: This allows you to share your class with other Planbook teachers. For more information, check out our sharing tutorials here. [Insert Link]
  • Schedule: This allows you to choose your schedule type for this class. Planbook offers three schedule types: Daily, Daily (Same Time), and Custom.
- Daily: Schedules the class every day without a time attached to it.
- Daily (Same Time): Allows you to enter a class time that will appear with the class every day.
- Custom: Allows you to choose which days this class will appear in your plans, and the specific times it will appear on each selected day.
  • Remove Days: This will remove your class from any specific dates in your plans. Simply enter the date you would like to remove the class from under Remove Days.
  • Description: This section can include an optional description of the class or subject you are creating.

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