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Display Settings

Display settings

Use the Display settings to customize all features of your Planbook!

Navigate to User Settings and select Display Settings.

Users can adjust their Display Theme by selecting either Light or Dark mode. Users can also toggle on the Automatic button to have their Planbook display shift to dark mode at sunset and light mode at sunrise.

Users can also set their preferred font style and size to be shown throughout Planbook. Users are still able to customize and change the font, size, and color within other Planbook features as well.

Users wishing to modify the scale of the text included in the lesson plans can do so by sliding the Plans Text Scale bar to the desired magnification.

Within Display Settings, users can decide which days of the week are displayed by clicking the day. Green with the check means the day will be displayed.

The Planbook Bar Menu allows users to choose how to display the Planbook Bar.

Docked - Expand on Hover: Planbook Bar will be visible on the left side of the screen and will expand to show feature titles when mouse hovers over any part of the Planbook Bar.

Docked - Compact: Planbook Bar will be visible on the left side of the screen and will not expand. Users will need to hover over feature icons in the Planbook Bar to display feature titles.

Hidden - Show on Click: Planbook Bar will be hidden, but when users click the three-bar icon in the upper left corner corner, the expanded Planbook Bar will appear.

Within Display Settings, users can toggle on the Show School Day Counter, which will add a school day counter to the top of each day when plans are displayed. The school day will move based on the dates set with the School Year. Users using the School Day Counter can customize the tracking of the school year to either days or weeks on the counter when on the plans page.  

Display Settings also allow users to toggle on Reduce Brightness of Past Days, which will fade the brightness of days that have already occurred when plans are displayed.

For any changes to take effect, users must hit Save before navigating to a different page.

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