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Account Video Tutorials

These video tutorials cover the "Account" screen. Learn how to adjust your email or password, renew your subscription, or purchase a gift subscription.

Please note - you can use CTRL+Click (on PC) or CMD+Click (on an Apple computer) to open the tutorials in a new tab or window.      

Changing Your Email or Password - How to change the email or password associated with your account.

Changing Your Account Information - How to adjust the information (school, name, etc.) within your account.

Receiving Free Months - How to receive free months for multiple teachers using together.

Renewing Your Subscription - How to renew your subscription for up to three years.

Connecting to Your Google Account - How to connect your Google account to Planbook to display Google Calendar or Google Classroom items directly within your plans.

Purchasing a Gift Subscription - How to purchase a gift subscription to 

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