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Video Tutorials - Administrator

These tutorial videos cover all administrator account features.

Please note - you can use CTRL+Click (on PC) or CMD+Click (on an Apple computer) to open the tutorials in a new tab or window.      

Viewing Teacher Plans - How to view teacher plans at your school.

The "View" Menu - How to use the "View" menu to hide/show specific information.

The "Teachers" Page - How to manage the Teacher/Administrator list for your school, as well as adjust account privileges and emails, or reset passwords.   

Comments - How to send and receive comments to/from teachers.

Events - How to create school calendar items (holidays, assemblies, etc).

Grades - How to view grades recorded by specific teachers.

Lesson Layouts - How to create a custom layout for the tabs/sections that your teachers see when editing their plans.

School List - How to create specific items that your teachers can apply to their lessons.

School Strategies - How to add your own strategies to allow your teachers to apply those to their lessons.

Standards Reporting - How to generate standards reports for teachers at your school.

Adding Students - How to create student accounts for your school.

Assigning Students to Teachers - How to assign created student accounts to specific teachers.

School Years - How to create custom school years for your school or district.

Grading Periods - How to customize the grading periods for your school or district when creating or editing a school year.

Grading Scales/Letter Grades - How to customize the grading scales for your school or district when creating or editing a school year.  

Lesson Banks - How to create lessons or units that your teachers can copy/link into their plans.

Sharing School/District Lesson Banks - How to allow sharing for your created Lesson Banks with your school or district.

Templates - How to create reoccurring bodies of information or outlines that your teachers can insert into their plans. 

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