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Video Tutorials - Sharing

These video tutorials cover the various options for sharing your plans with other teachers using For information on copying or linking, please refer to the "Copying/Linking" tutorials article. 

Please note - you can use CTRL+Click (on PC) or CMD+Click (on an Apple computer) to open the tutorials in a new tab or window.   

Sharing with Individual Teachers - How to allow sharing directly to other teachers without requiring the use of the "Teacher Key". This is the easiest method for sharing. 

Sharing with All Teachers - How to allow sharing generally with other teachers, requiring the use of the Teacher Key. 

What is the Teacher Key? - Learn what the "Teacher Key" is used for, and how to set that up. 

What is the Student View Key? - Learn what the "Student View Key" is used for and how to set that up.

Setting Up/Sharing Links to your Plans - How to share view-only links to your plans to allow others to view (but not edit) the plans you've made available.

The Student View - Learn how to grant access to a view-only version of your plans to students/parents/teachers.

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