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The View Menu

Click on the “View” button towards the top of the screen to adjust which elements of your plans are visible. This is great if you wish to hide specific items in your plans that may take up too much space, like standards descriptions.

Day/Week/Month/List: Use these options to view your plans by day, week (the default view), or the month. Use “List” to view the plans of a single class in a list form. Adjust the class by clicking the class name near the upper-left corner.

Checkboxes: Check or uncheck items in the left column to hide those from your plans. 

Adjust which classes are view-able using the middle column. 

Using the right column, adjust which lessons are visible by the lesson statuses you have applied (for more information, see "Lesson Status" article) 

To save these changes, click the “Save Preferences” button at the bottom of the "View" menu . 

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