Lesson Bank - Units

The Lesson Bank allows teachers to add lessons or units that are not attached to specific dates and copy or link them into their plans as needed.

To access the lesson bank, click Go To -> Lesson Banks.

Adding a Bank Unit

1. Click on the "All Units" drop-down menu.
2. Click the "Add Unit" button.
3. Create the unit and use the "Class" drop-down to select the bank you wish to apply the unit to. 

This will create a unit that you do not need to apply dates to. You can see this unit on the "Units' page of your plans.

Applying a Lesson to the bank Unit

1. Edit a lesson on the "Lesson Banks" page. 
2. Click the "Unit" drop-down menu to select the unit you wish to apply to the lesson. 
3. Save the changes. 

For information on copying or linking the unit and lessons into your plans, please refer to the "Copy" section of the Knowledge Base. 

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