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Lesson Bank - Lessons

The Lesson Bank allows teachers to add lessons or units that are not attached to specific dates and copy/link those items into their plans as needed. Teachers can also collaborate together within a shared bank and move those items into their unique schedules.

To access the lesson bank, click Go To -> Lesson Banks.

Creating a Lesson Bank

Use the "Select Bank" drop-down menu and select to "Add Lesson Bank".
2. Enter a name for the lesson bank. This can be anything.
3. Click the apply/save button to save the changes. 

Adding a Bank Lesson

1. While a bank is selected, click the "Add Lesson" button.

2. Enter your lesson information as needed. 
3. Click the apply/save button.

Applying a Bank Lesson to the Schedule

1. Go to your lesson bank page.
2. Select the bank you wish to view using the Bank drop-down menu.

3. Locate the lesson you wish to add.
4. Use the action arrow (or right-click on the lesson) to move/copy/paste the lesson into your schedule as needed, or you can click the "Copy" button towards the top of the screen to copy or link a group of bank lessons into a specific class.

Copying/Linking Bank Lessons in Groups - Please refer to the "Copying/Linking Lessons from Lesson Banks" page under "Copy" for more information.

Sorting Bank Lessons - Click and drag on a lesson on the "Bank" screen to reorder the lessons as needed. 

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