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Set up and view your units, and create Assignments and Assessments here. To access the Units page, click on the Go To menu and select "Units".

Creating a Unit:

1. Click on the “Add Unit” button near the top of the screen. Enter a title using the "Enter a Unit Title here..." field at the top of the unit box.

2. Select a class for the unit by adjusting the corresponding class field.

3. Select a date to start and end the unit.

4. Enter an ID for the unit. This is just to help organize the unit in your account and can be anything you want. 

5. Enter information as needed into the tabs below the toolbar.

6. Click the save/apply button when you are finished creating your units.

After a unit is saved, you can click on the unit to open that and use the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the window to view all unit lessons, print the unit, or delete the unit. 

Add Assessment/Assignments - Navigate to the "Assessments" or "Assignments" tab while editing a unit and click the “+” button. For more information, please refer to the “Assignments” section of this guide.  

Attaching Lessons to Units: First, open a lesson you wish to attach to a unit and you should see a drop-down field in the upper-right corner of the edit window. Click this to bring down a list of all saved units. Select a unit from the list and save the changes to add that lesson to the unit.

Unit Actions: After creating the unit, you should now see it in the box below the “All Classes/Add Unit” buttons. Clicking this will allow you to edit your units, or attach certain information to the unit.

Organizing how your Units appear in your plans: If you click Go To -> Display Settings, you can click the "Lesson Sections Grouping" heading to adjust how your unit information displays in your plans. Using this, you can allow unit information to appear before your lesson information, etc. 

Copying a Unit: Please refer to the "Copy" page for more information.

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