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Copying Lessons into Lesson Banks

After creating your lesson bank(s) on the Lesson Bank page, use these steps to copy lessons from your plans into those banks.

1. Click on the "Copy" button near the top of the screen.
2. Using the "From" drop-down menu on the left side of the screen, select "My Classes".

3. Select the year and class you wish to copy from.

4. Using the date range fields, select the dates you wish to copy. Leave the field empty to copy all lessons from the selected class. 

5. On the right side of the screen, use the "Bank" drop-down menu to select the bank you wish to copy into.

6. When finished, click the "Copy Lessons" button to copy the selected lessons into a lesson bank.

Importing a CSV into a Lesson Bank - 

1. Click Go To -> Lesson Banks
2. Click "Select Bank" at the upper-left to select the bank you wish to import to
3. Click "Import CSV".

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