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Copying/Linking Lessons from Others

The "Copy" feature allows teachers to copy or link lessons from other teachers and insert those into their plans. Please note - the "Link Lessons" option will only appear if the teacher has shared with you using the "Collaborate - Individual Teachers" option on their "Sharing Options" page. 

1. Click the "Copy" button at the top of the screen.

2. You should see this screen:

3. On the left side of the screen, use the "From" drop-down menu to select the teacher, year, and class you wish to import from. 

If the teacher has directly shared with you using the "Collaborate - Individual Teachers" method, you should see their email listed under the "From" menu. 

To add a teacher to your copy list, click the "Add Teacher" button in the "From" drop-down menu. Then, enter the email and Teacher Key of the teacher you wish to import from. When you click "Save", you'll see them added to the "From" drop-down menu.

4. Use the "Unit and Date range to copy" fields to select a unit you wish to copy , or enter the dates you wish to import. All lessons on and between these dates will be imported, including blank spaces. Leaving these dates blank will import all lessons in the class.

Please note - If you wish to copy/link a single lesson, you can do that by clicking and holding your cursor on the lesson you wish to copy on the left side of the screen, and releasing on the right side of the screen.    

5. On the right side of the screen, select the class you wish to import into.

6. Choose an import option: 

AFTER:  Add the imported/linked plans to a space after all existing plans in that class. The date to the right of the "After" option

INSERT: Import the plans starting on a date of your choosing. If lessons exist on the dates you are copying into, those lessons will be bumped forward.

7. Click the "Copy Lessons" or "Link Lessons" button.

Copy - This will create copies of the selected lessons in your plans. Edits made to these lessons will not affect the teacher they are copied from. 

Link - This creates a link between the lesson you are copying and the lesson in your account, allowing changes made by you or the source teacher to reflect in both accounts. 

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