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Setting Up Your Sharing Options: Collaborate - Individual Teachers

The Sharing Options page now allows teachers to customize how they share their plans with other teachers. Click Go To -> Sharing Options. 

This new feature will allow you to share your plans directly to other teachers, the school, or the district by creating Permissions and customizing how those plans are shared. This is designed to make sharing simpler and does not require the use of a "Teacher Key". 

This will automatically allow any shared classes or lesson banks to appear on the "List" view or "Copy" page for the teachers you are sharing with.

1. Click the "Collaborate - Individual Teachers" heading. 

2. Click the plus icon or use the Click Here link to create a new permission. 

3. Enter a permissions title in the blue bar at the top of the window. This is used to help you organize your permissions on this page. 

4. Select whether you want to share with a specific group of teachers, the entire school, or your school district. 

5. If "Teacher" is selected - type/paste/drag and drop emails into the field as needed for any teachers you wish to share with. 

6. Select the classes or lesson banks you wish to share using the drop-down menus. 

7. Select whether each of your tabs/sections should be shared and how those are shared by clicking the bubbles. 

View Only - Others will be able to view, link, and copy the plans you've shared, but any edits will not reflect in your account. 

View/Edit - Others will be able to view, link and copy your plans or lesson bank information. When linking, others will be able to make direct edits to the plans you've shared. 

None - The tab/section will not be viewable or editable in any way. 

In the below example, we've made all sections View/Edit except for our Lesson Titles, which can only be viewed but not edited. 

8. Save the changes by clicking the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

9. Save your Sharing Options page changes by clicking the checkmark in the upper-right corner. 

When the teachers log in next, they should see the plans you've made available on their "Copy" screen.


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