Copying Plans/Years between Teachers

Planbook now has the ability for administrators to copy years/copy plans from one teacher to another teacher, or to all teachers within a school. 

1. Click Go To -> Teachers.

2. Click on the teacher you wish to copy a year from. 

3. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner and select Copy School Year. 

4. Select the School Year you wish to copy, and the teacher you wish to copy that selected year to. Select "Copy year to all teachers" to copy the selected year to all teachers. 

5. Click the Copy School Year button at the bottom of the window to copy the selected year. 

Teachers will see the copied year when signing in next by clicking on the year name in the upper-left corner of their plans. The copied year will be noted with "(Copy)" in the year name. 

Please note - the teacher you are copying plans into will need to log in at least one time to set up their account before plans will be copied.

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