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School Year Letter Grades/Grading Scales (Administrator)

On the School Years page under the Go To menu, administrators can customize the grading scales for their teachers when tracking grades. 

Teachers will see these grading scales when selecting to use an administrator-created school year. 

1. Click Go To -> School Years. 

2. Click on a year to open the edit window. If a year is not created, click the "Add Year" button to create the school year. 

3. Click the plus icon to the right of Letter Grades to add an entry. Click the plus icon multiple times to add multiple entries. 

4. Enter a letter grade and the minimum percentage required to achieve that letter grade. 

5. Save the changes by clicking the check mark in the upper-right corner of the window. 

To delete a letter grade, click the trash can icon to the right of the entry. 

Teachers will automatically see these letter grades and percentages applied by clicking "Letter Grades" at the top of their "Grades" page when they've selected to use the admin-created school year. 

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