School Years (Administrator)

The School Years page allows administrators to customize the school year for their teachers. When teachers create a new year in their account, they'll have the option to select one of the pre-made years and apply that to their lessons. 

1. Click Go To -> School Years

On this page, you'll see any previously-created years on the school level and district level. 

2. To create a new year, click the Add Year button at the top of the screen. The below page should appear - 

3. Enter a year name in the Year Name field. These are typically something like "2020-2021".

4. Select a First Day and Last Day date. These dates determine where plans can be added during this year. 

5. Adjust the Classes are Scheduled section to select the schedule type that matches your school/district. 

On a Weekly Basis - Classes are scheduled on specific days of the week

On a Two Week Basis - Classes are scheduled over a rotating period of two weeks

On a Cycle of... - Classes are scheduled according to a specific number of rotating cycle days. 

6. Select the specific days of the week that classes will appear using the School Days section. 

7. Adjust the School Times fields to determine when a school day will start/end. 

8. Save the changes by clicking the check mark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

This year should now be visible and selectable when your teachers select to "Add a School Year" from their accounts. 

For information on the "Grading Periods" and "Letter Grades" sections, please refer to the "Grading Periods" and "Letter Grades" sections of the Knowledge Base. 

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