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Lesson Banks (Administrator)

The "Lesson Banks" feature allows admins at the school or district level to create lessons, units, and other curriculum for their teachers, and store those in a "Bank". 

Teachers can then copy or link those items directly into their plans using their "Copy" page. 

1. Click Go To -> Lesson Banks

2. Click Select Bank and select to Add Lesson Bank. 

3. Enter a title for the Lesson Bank and click the check mark to save. 

4. Create a lesson by using the "Add Lesson" button at the top of the page. 

5. Create a unit by clicking "All Units" at the top of the screen and selecting "Add Unit". 

6. To apply a lesson to a unit, first select the lesson bank you'll need to apply the unit to. Here, open any lesson and use the "Unit" drop-down menu to select the unit. When saving the changes, you should see the unit applied to that lesson. 

7. To view any units and their lessons, select the unit by using the "All Units" drop-down and selecting the unit you wish to view.

For information on sharing lesson banks with teachers, specific schools, or your district, please refer to the "Sharing Options" article of the Admin section of the Knowledge Base. 

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