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Sharing Options (Administrator)

The Sharing Options page allows an administrator to customize how Lesson Banks are shared with specific teachers, specific schools, or the district by creating "permissions".

1. Click Go To -> Sharing Options.

2. Click the plus icon or the "click here" button to create a new set of permissions. 

3. Enter a permissions title at the top of the window. This will only appear on this page for organization. 

4. Select if this permission should apply to specific teachers, specific schools, or the entire district.  

5. If this permission will apply to specific teachers, enter the emails of the teachers in the field. If this will apply to specific schools, select the specific schools by clicking the check boxes under the "Select School" drop-down menu.

6. Select the lesson bank(s) this permission will apply to by adjusting the "Select Lesson Bank" field. 

7. Adjust how a specific tab/section is shared as needed by clicking in the bubble next to each item. 

View Only - This will allow others to view the bank lessons and copy/link those into their account, but will not allow them to edit those directly in the lesson bank. They will be able to edit those after copying/linking into their account, but changes will not be reflected in the admin lesson bank. 

View/Edit - This will allow changes to be made directly to the admin lesson bank. 

None - This will prevent both viewing and editing of the lesson bank items. 

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